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Did you know that Kent has more than 30 recognized neighborhood councils? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a neighborhood council.

•    A channel through which neighborhood goals can be met
•    A communication link with City government, departments, employees and other groups
•    Unity and communication that allows for a voice and influence into what happens in surrounding areas
•    Information on various subjects or City services can be provided to a larger geographical area which encompasses a greater number of neighbors
•    Residents work together for the preservation and improvement in a neighborhood
•    Matching grant funds to assist with communication/newsletter and projects resulting in a benefit to the neighborhood as a whole
•    Committees can be beneficial such as: welcoming committee, neighborhood event committee, government liaisons, business liaisons, or youth involvement
•    Quarterly neighborhood council leadership networking meetings
•    Identify talents, skills and assets of neighbors
•    Provide input on projects such as Envision Midway, drainage or transportation master plans, help plan neighborhood parks and input on City ordinances
•    Disseminate valuable information on land use, development, levees, Howard Hanson Dam, road construction, various news releases on topics, fire, crime, etc
•    Institute more block watch groups in a larger geographical neighborhood area
•    Opportunity for publicity of neighborhood councils events on TV21
•    Join together with other neighborhood councils on community wide matters
Neighborhood groups can act as vehicles for making connections between people, forums for resolving local differences, and a means of looking after one another.  Most importantly, neighborhood organizations create a positive social environment that can become a community’s best feature.

Neighborhood Councils help residents become better informed! Visit for more information.

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