ELECTION RESULTS: First round shows Prop. A failing by 17%

Proposition A – a proposed 2% utility tax increase for Kent Police and Criminal Justice Services – is failing by over 17 points in the first round of results released by King County Elections.

The ballot measure in this special election said:

“In order to fund additional police officers and criminal justice services in Kent, Proposition A would authorize the city to levy a 2% utility tax increase, from 6% to 8%, on the total gross revenues of companies providing electricity, manufactured and natural gas, telephone, and cable television services in the city. The additional revenue will establish police officer staffing levels consistent with comparable jurisdictions, and fund other criminal justice services impacted by additional officers.”

City of Kent:
Ballots Counted: 11,294
* Registered Voters: 60,739 • 18.59 %

Proposition A:

  • Approved: 4,640 • 41.29 %
  • Rejected: 6,597 • 58.71 %


  1. Dana Ralph was interviewed by local news station and said if Prop A Fails they will keep trying and put it on the October 2018 Ballot.

    They never stop until they get what they want…
    Do politicians ever accept election results and listen to the Will of The People?
    Are we not taxed enough on our Utility Bills (Cell, Cable, Water/Sewer & Garbage) with “Effect of City of Kent Tax”? It just compounds all the other Fees, City and State Taxes … Arrrgh!!

  2. Everyone interviewed the local new station argued that Kent is growing too fast (a problem of your own making?) and the Police workforce is stretched thin and working alot of overtime … welcome to our world … the corporate world is still shipping jobs back east and off-shore and overloading workload of those that remain behind. Take a look at your historical annexation decisions City of Kent … apply some Quantitative Easing … Think Out of the Box and Decrease The City of Kent FootPrint! Stop annexing districts … cede Panther Lake over to City of Renton; Recent Lake Meridian Annexation over to Covington; West Hill Kent to the City of Des Moines and the South 272nd Corridor Annexation over to City of Auburn! “Shrink Your Problem!” Some may think a radical solution, but a pragmatic one to curb your self made growth and cut the crime rate in-half … there are alternative solutions out there … just ones the Mayor doesn’t like!? No one wants to give up the keys to their Kingdom ….

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