Total voter turnout for 2016 was 82%.

It’s official. Yesterday King County officially certified the final results of the 2016 General Election, which includes the presidential election. Because Washington is a “voter intent” state, it certifies the results 21 days after the election. Here are some interesting statistics from this year’s election:

Registered voters
(active registered voters as of 11/07/16
Ballots issued1,296,786
Ballots returned1,054,564
Ballots counted1,041,613
Ballots returned too late1,896
Ballots returned as undeliverable13,220
Signatures initially challenged14,134
Signature challenges resolved5,413
Calls to voter hotline29,277
Emails from voters5,600
Voter turnout82%

Additional statistics can be found here.

Here are some highlights from the 2016 General Election results:

Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Democratic Nominees: 718,322 votes, or 69.85%*.
Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence, Republican Nominees: 216,339 votes, or 21.04%
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Though King County voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump won the presidency with 306 electoral votes compared to 232 for Clinton, according to the New York Times.

Washington Governor

Jay Inslee, Democrat: 677,943 votes, or 67.69%
Bill Bryant, Republican: 321,242 votes, or 32.07%

Washington Lieutenant Governor

Cyrus Habib, Democrat: 670,754 votes, or 69.96%
Marty McClendon, Republican: 285,689 votes, or 29.8%

Washington Secretary of State

Tina Podlodowski, Democrat: 563,438 votes, or 58.62%
Kim Wyman, Republican: 396,466 votes, or 41.25%

Washington State Treasurer

Duane Davidson, Republican: 490,359 votes, or 59.49%
Michael Waite, Republican: 317,475, or 38.52%

Washington State Auditor

Pat (Patrice) McCarthy, Democrat: 591,708 votes, or 63.55%
Mark Miloscia, Republican: 337,754 votes, or 36.28%

Washington Attorney General

Bob Ferguson, Democrat: 724,608, or 78.1%
Joshua B. Trumbull, Libertarian: 200,826 or 21.65%

Washington Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler, Democrat: 672,924 votes, or 72.9%
Richard Schrock, Republican: 248,804 votes, or 26.95%

Kent School District No. 415, Prop. 1, $252 million Bond







South King Fire and Rescue, Prop. 1







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