Political Advertising Policy

Our Political, Public Opinion & Advocacy Advertising Policy

iLoveKent Political, Public Opinion and Advocacy Advertising PolicyBeginning with the 2017 election cycle, iLoveKent will allow political, public opinion and advocacy advertising. Political advertising is any message intended to influence a vote for a candidate of public office, or a level, measure, initiative or referendum. Public opinion and advocacy advertising is any advertising that expresses an opinion on matters of public interest, including issues such as education, environment and social justice.

Political, public opinion and advocacy advertising must meet the following requirements, as well as those required by RCW 42.17A.320. Additional guidelines can be found on the Public Disclosure Commission website.

  • All written political advertising relating to candidates or ballot propositions must include the sponsor’s name and address (street address or P. O. Box). The sponsor is the candidate, committee or other person or organization who is paying for the ad.
  • Public opinion advertising and general political advertising must include the advertiser or sponsor name and a means of response (e.g., website, address or phone number).
  • If the candidate is in a partisan race, the candidate’s party must be clearly stated in the ad copy.
  • Official symbols or logos adopted by the state committee of the party may be used to indicate a candidate’s party preference in political advertisements instead of words. See acceptable party abbreviations on PDC.WA.GOV.
  • Political or advocacy advertising must include a “paid advertising” disclaimer at the top of and within the border of a display ad. The language “paid for by __________ (sponsor name)” or “sponsored by ________________” must appear at the bottom and within the border of a political display ad.
  • Website ads must display the sponsor ID and any party preference in an area set apart from the ad text on the first page of the ad. Use at least 10-point type. Do not screen or half-tone the text.
  • Small online ads with limited characters must display sponsor ID and party preference in an automatic display such as a mouse tip/rollover or non-blockable pop-up that remains visible for at least 4 seconds or on a webpage that is conspicuously linked to the small ad and reached with one mouse clicks.
  • All advertising must comply with all applicable election requirements and laws.
  • Ad copy that is potentially libelous, derogatory or inflammatory will not be accepted.
  • The advertiser is solely responsible for complying with legal requirements dictated by the State of Washington.
  • Advertising must be pre-paid prior to publication.

iLoveKent will make advertising opportunities available to all political candidates running for an office that impacts Kent, Washington (city races, county races, legislative races for candidates who would serve the Kent area, etc.) at the same rates. We reserve the right to refuse ad copy that does not comply with the policy stated above. Refer any questions to publisher Dana Neuts at info@ilovekent.net or 360-920-1737.

NOTE: Our acceptance of political, public opinion or advocacy advertising does not indicate or imply that we are endorsing a candidate or issue. We remain unbiased and politically neutral.

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