Tye Whitfield, Kent City Council Candidate, Pos. 4

Tye Whitfield
P. O. Box 6305
Kent, WA 98030
[email protected]

Education: High School graduate; two years at Highline Community College

Certification: Washington state licensed home care aide

Occupation: Owner, Commercial Janitorial Company; Non-profit Director, Community Advocate/Youth with a Vision.

Boards: Kent Parks Commissioner, Kent Police Diversity Task Force, Kent Youth Initiative

Previous: Chairperson, Head Start, Puget Sound Service District, Voting member, Washington State Association Head Start and ECEAP, Voting Member, WCELI.

I am a Mother to three beautiful children who have all attended Kent Schools.  My eldest son is a contractor, my daughter is a fashion stylist, and my youngest is a running start student at Kentwood High School and Green River Community College.  I am very grateful and proud to be their mother. When my children was younger I became a board member for Washington State Association of Early Learning, as well as Chairperson for Puget Sound Education Service District (PSESD). As Chairperson, I worked in collaboration with the board on administrative issues, development and planning of programs, and reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations for PSESD’s multi-million dollar budget.

I also had the honor of lobbying and advocating alongside Governor Gregoire on her “Thrive by Five Washington” project.

Over the years, I have continued my work as a community and youth advocate under my non-profit organization, Youth With A Vision.  Working in that role, I have spent countless hours collaborating, partnering and acting as a community liaison with Kent City officials and personnel, departments and local and Unions to address and offer resources, safety forums, education, training and employment opportunities to our families in Kent.

As a small business owner, I have partnered with companies to help over 100 individuals become license business contractors.  I have partnered with our local Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Employment offices, local businesses and Faith base churches to create employment opportunities for low income individuals to be self-sufficient.  I personally understand the importance investing in our small businesses by continuing to help them grow including access to capital and business advisors.

If you elect me to SERVE you as your City Council member, I will continue to build on the relationships that I collaborated with Kent City officials and personnel, departments and local organizations in order to merge our resources and implement programs that will aid and help sustain our families during the upcoming financial pitfalls we will be experiencing. BUDGET, I believe before we can start having conversations regarding our budget deficit and what we should do about it, we must first take an assessment of where the money is currently going, what programs are taking the hardest hit, and what programs are financially stable

It will be my duty as your City Council member to provide the most up to date information on what has been working and simply what has not.  Only after becoming an informed body should we discuss the next steps to take in terms of our financial debt. The community’s voice is essential for all discussions and decision making that the City Council members will make regarding changes, budgets and policies

 Here are the list of some of my Endorsement Supporters:

City of Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke
City of Kent Council Members
House of Representative Adam Smith
Legislative Representative Mia Gregerson
King County Council Member Larry Gossett
Former Asst. and Interim Seattle Chief of Police Harry Bailey
King County Labor Council
Teamsters 117 & 174

How long have you lived in Kent?

Approximately 10 years

What do you love most about Kent?

I love the City of Kent – it is where I live, where my children live, along with numerous family members and friends. I love the parks and the recreational programs that are offered for our children and youth.

I love that we are a welcoming city where diversity and inclusiveness is valued.

What do you see as the top 5 issues facing the City of Kent in the next 4 years?

Budget Stability
Affordable Housing and Homelessness
Issues of Safety
Parks and Recreation Funding and Programs

What is one thing you want voters to know about you that they might not know?

I am a singer.  I started singing in church when I was young and it is something I still enjoy doing today.

I am a silly, energetic and a lover of people – I have always had a heart for helping others while, most likely at the same time, putting a smile on their face by singing, joking and laughing or with my enthusiastic energy and spirit.