ELECTION FINAL: Both School Levys pass, with Prop. 2 winning by 10 votes

The final, certified results from the Feb. 13 Special Election were posted on Friday, Feb. 23, and both Kent School District Levy Propositions have passed.

Prop. 1 was approved by 266 votes, and Prop. 2 by just 10 votes…so the next time someone tells you your vote “doesn’t count” remember this election.

Kent School District No. 415 Proposition No. 1 Replacement of Expiring Educational Programs and Operation Levy
Measure Vote Vote %
12,790 50.53%
12,524 49.47%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 25,314

Kent School District No. 415 Proposition No. 2 Levy for Capital Improvements for Safety, Security, Instruction, Classroom and Support Services and
Measure Vote Vote %
11,804 50.02%
11,794 49.98%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 23,598


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