Kent Man Pleads Guilty to Filing False Insurance Claim

Man filed claim for an accident that he wasn't in

Kent man pleads guilty to filing a false car insurance claim.
Anthony Jamal Scott of Kent pleads guilty of filing a false injury claim.

Man filed claim for an accident that he wasn’t in

Following an investigation by the state insurance commissioner’s Criminal Investigations Unit, Anthony Jamal Scott (pictured at right), 39, of Kent pled guilty in King County Superior Court to filing a false insurance claim, which is a felony. Scott was ordered to pay $600 in court fees and to not have contact with two witnesses involved in the case for five years.

The investigation showed that Scott and his uncle, David Arnold Cook, both filed injury claims after a collision with another driver in the parking lot of the apartment complex where Scott lived.

Cook, the driver, reported to his insurance company GEICO that Scott was a passenger at the time. Scott asked for an unspecified amount of money to pay for future medical treatment. GEICO determined through its investigation that Cook was alone in the car at the time of the collision. Scott came out of his apartment after the accident, according to witness statements.

Scott and Cook were both charged with felonies in King County Superior Court. Cook is set to go to trial on May 8 for his charges.

Article from the state insurance commissioner’s office. Read the full release here.


  1. […] NEW–Kent man pleads guilty to filing a false insurance claim Anthony Jamal Scott, 39, of Kent pled guilty to the charge of filing a false insurance claim. Scott claimed to be a passenger in a car driven by his uncle David Arnold Cook when Cook was in a car accident. Scott asked for unspecified money to cover future medical expenses. Scott was charged $600 in court fees and ordered to stay away from two witnesses in the case for five years. Read the full story here. […]

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